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Learn how to best grow, care for and cultivate a plant

We’ve cracked open the Heyne gardeners vault of knowledge and we’re spillin’ the beans here.
Read online, download, or pop into Heyne’s Garden Centre for more facts and information.


Ornamental Trees

What’s the best tree for your outdoor space? Read through our list of trees for suggestions, features and care. Bare root plants are available during winter months.


Indoor Plants and Ferns

Fill your home or office with foliage and colour. Growing indoor plants is fun and rewarding. Here are our favourites and how to grow them.


Beneficial Insects

Discover how to encourage and care for the myriad of beneficial insects that share our garden and outdoor spaces.


Water Plants

Ponds and water plants are stunning and have a special place in the garden, creating a magical and calming essence.

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Flowering Plants

Browse through our colourful range of flowering fact sheets. You’ll find tips, tricks and how to grow a range of popular flowering shrubs and small trees.


Pesties & Diseases

Everything has a place in nature. We do not encourage you to indiscriminately use pesticides. Read and learn about plant issues and how to control them.



Tropical, cold-climate, native, outdoor or indoor. Orchids are such fun to grow. You’ll learn more here.


Garden Safety

We want you to stay safe while you’re playing with plants and out in the garden.
Here’s just a few things to look out for.

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Growing Fruit & Vegetables

Discover the fun and enjoyment of homegrown produce.


Growing Iris

There are many different types of Iris. Each group has its own particular habits, likes and dislikes. Discover the world of Iris here.


Cacti & Succulents

Hardy, fun and addictive. Get inspired with this wonderful family of plants.