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Our History

Heynes Established 1869 Garden Centre Badge

The Heyne family has been proudly growing South Australia from 1869.

With a history of 150 years, we were established in 1869 by Ernst Heyne, Botanist and Horticulturist. Heyne’s Nursery is South Australia’s oldest registered nursery, located on The Parade. Each generation builds onto our proud Heyne history with lasting legacy. The story of each of our founders is here for you to read and enjoy. With our eyes to the future, we are now in our 5th generation and our story continues to grow.

Timeline of when each generation ran the business
  • Ernst Bernard Heyne Portrait Photo

    Ernst Bernard Heyne

    The seed was sown in 1869 with Ernst Bernhard Heyne, a botanist, horticulturist, and writer. He contributed to many newspapers and journals with articles about the cultivation of plants and crops. E.B. also wrote two very important and helpful books for gardeners, titled The Amateur Gardener for South Australia and The Fruit, Flower and Vegetable Garden.

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  • Carl Franz Heyne Portrait Photo

    Carl Franz Heyne

    Through world war, plague and depression, Carl Franz Heyne laid the foundation for the Heyne family’s place in the community. Travelling between his nurseries in Norwood and the Adelaide Hills, he brought seeds, bulbs and cut flowers to market every week by horse and cart. In 1928, he selected and developed the site of the Beulah Park nursery as it stands today.

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  • Franz Waldemar Heyne (Wally) Portrait Photo

    Franz Waldemar Heyne (Wally)

    Living and working at the present-day nursery in Beulah Park, the business flourished under the watchful eye of Wally Heyne. Through the evolution from horse and cart to a new Chevrolet truck, he drove all over town, country and suburbia selling quality plants and cut flowers. Wally’s hard work and steadfast spirit would become a pillar of the local community.

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  • Glasshouse with plants

    Heyne's Today

    While Garry Heyne and his family moved to establish a production nursery site in the northern suburbs, the garden centre was passed along into the hands of Roger Heyne and currently Michael Heyne. A family business spanning five generations, we have for over 150 years continuously grown and sold premium plants, moving into the modern era with the spirit of our heritage to guide the way.

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