Desktop Propagation Vase

Desktop Propagation Vase

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Elegant and understated, these glass propagation vases are a gorgeous way to not only display, but also to get cuttings going. Choose your favourite cutting, fill each vase with water and watch it grow. Perfect for brightening any space, in the office or home! Try Devil’s Ivy, Heart Leaf Philodendron, Peperomia or Syngonium.

Single Vase Stand: 60mm W x 100mm x 180mm H

Double Vase Stand: 60mm W 180mm L 180mm H

Triple Vase Stand: 60mm W x 280mm L x 180mm H

Tip: Thinking about planting your cuttings into soil? We would recommend waiting until the roots are a few cm in length before potting them up.

Plants not included.

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