Swinging Blond Timber Propagation Vase

Swinging Blond Timber Propagation Vase

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A natural touch. These gorgeous timber vases will bring life to your living space. Choose the size that matches your space and start creating your own mini propagation station. Suitable for small/thin stem cuttings only, due to rod that the vase is suspended on. Try Devil’s Ivy and Chain of Hearts.

Single Vase Stand: 140mm L x up to 160mm H (adjustable)

Double Vase Stand: 210cm L x up to 160mm H (adjustable)

Triple Vase Stand: 280cm L x up to 160mm H (adjustable)

Packaging: Your new propagation set will arrive in a cardboard box with foam packaging. You will need to assemble the unit.

Tip: Thinking about planting your cuttings into soil? We would recommend waiting until the roots are a few cm in length before potting them up.

Plants not included.

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